Weekend Wrapup 2018W12

So. In the interests of getting this continually updated, let’s start. Week 12 of 2018 was ridiculously roller-coaster-esque.

I was honestly feeling like AAAHHHHHHIGIVEUPohok.

But anyway.

Monday and Tuesday were relatively uneventful other than being SUPER STOKED about the Weird Al concert I went to. That was righteous.

Then Wednesday the next snowpocalypse happened. Bethlehem got 13-14″ of snow (from a forecasted 12″. Woohoo.) The campus was closed so I decided to go home. I also decided to help out a coworker that wanted to walk home (over 2 miles) in the driving wind/snow. So. I turned down a side-street to get over a bridge that is shorter to the place I had to drop the coworker off… And I didn’t. Turn, that is. I didn’t turn. I just kept skidding until I hit the curb.

Boom. $1,700 of damage to my car. Wahoo. Driveable, but definitely left me pissed off. Got home safely otherwise and dealt with the rest of the day.

Next day I went and got the claim started and got my appointment at the body shop. Funny story, the main person I talked to also had an accident at the same time, but she ended up having it right outside of her workplace. Ooop! Not really a good day for anyone, I suppose.

Got my car to the shop and the main estimator was like “dude, I thought I told you I didn’t want to see your face ’round here again.” I told him I didn’t want to be there again. I grabbed my paperwork but the intake specialists were like “yeah, no, we can just copy and paste it from the last time you were in here… three months or so ago.” Welp. I’m a regular, what can I say?

Anyway, Friday was where the rollercoaster went into an up-cycle. I interviewed for a Data Architect job a few weeks prior–it’s an upgrade from what I’m currently doing, a little bit more strategic (which is where my mind is at), etc. I have been buzzing about the potential of getting it for a while.

And I got the call at 4:30pm. An offer.


But, anyway. So yeah, I’ll be starting 4/16 on my new adventure with the University. It’ll be fun and interesting. Definitely turning my job with the University into a career. Lots of work ahead of me but I hope, at my core, that I’m able to handle all that it entails. I think so, but the only way to find out is to attempt it! Ha!

Saturday I drove up to Connecticut for a double-header. A-team between Lehigh Valley Roller Derby and Connecticut Roller Derby, and then a B-team between CTRD B’s and Shoreline Roller Derby. Was interesting, but the technology kept failing in the first game due to overloaded circuits. Took us 30 minutes to figure out a way to get things running without calling official time-outs the entire time–all while only like 8 minutes elapsed. Got home around 3:00am in the morning.

src: “Greg” / flickr:@gparet

Hooligan practice? Uh, with having to get up at 6:30 to get on the road by 7:30am? Wasn’t going to happen. I’m missing opportunities to actually play the game, but at this point, officiating comes first, I suppose. We’ll see how that develops.

The evening Sunday was the Reading Derby Girls’ A-team versus Philly Roller Derby’s Block Party. Was an interesting game, but relatively uneventful. I’ll have to start a new soap-box for officiating mentality versus skater mentality versus what we all see versus physical mentalities of sport, but that’s for another day. I always enjoy my time at Reading and we ended up grabbing some drinks/food with our friends from Lehigh that were there cheering on the new-PRD skater, Stella Mac.

src: Keyesboard / Andrew Keyes Photography

Another fun week. Hopefully it all goes up from here.

Weekend Wrapup 2018W11



I don’t know what it is about interviewing that is so terrifying. Is it the fear of rejection? The end-result and desire of having a better job/pay/standing (or one existing at all)? I don’t necessarily get it. It is what it is, though. I had an interview. Luckily I’m in the situation where if I don’t get this job, I’m not sunk–I’m in a good spot, and luckily if nothing changes, everything’s still fine.

But I still want it like crazy.

“Nervous?” people asked me as I showed up in a suit; a Look(tm) I’m not associated with. I took the labrets out of my ears. Replaced my opalite plugs with flesh-colored silicone. Shaved, got a haircut, the whole nine yards. I was looking slick.

But yes, nervous as hell. “Nervous but hungry for it,” was my response.

A gauntlet of an interview–I showed up at 8:45 for the 9:00am start time. Met with several groups, did a 40 minute presentation with Q&A (with 30 people in a room built for 15, while being taped), lunch with the committee, and then meeting with other groups. Didn’t leave until 3:30pm. No big deal, I’ve done it before (for my current job here, albeit with far fewer people for my presentation) but damn if it isn’t hard to stay solid with that amount of nervous for 6-plus hours.

But here I am. Technically it’s the Monday after (which I’ll discuss some other things) but I wanted to regale you with my situation. Nobody’s going to read this (as far as I know), so we’ll see.

INTERNAL DIALOGUE: Calm down, Ria. It’ll be ok. I mean, yeah, sure, but. No, shut up, keep your momentum at your current gig. Don’t lose sight of “now” for “maybe, in the future.” Ok, yeah, that makes sense.

BUT ANYWAY. Coming in the day after is a daze. It’s like, the people I work with now, and the people I worked with before moving to my current department, are part of this process. The position is the standard up-sizing of what I’m currently doing. I’d be doing a lot of the same things! I think I’m a shoe-in for the position, however…

It’s insane to count your chickens before the eggs are laid.

So, yeah. I’m still hungry for it, but I think the edge of all that nervousness has finally died down. After that kind of day, I needed a few drinks. So I had them with my friends at a happy hour on the other side of town. Coming in to work after that was interesting and felt weird. Then again, I could never get the hang of Thursdays.

Thursday was also fun because my department had an awesome lunch at the newly-renovated Roasted restaurant, which I guess is the new-management-rebranded Blue Sky restaurant. I had a 4 Alarm omelet which was just the Diablo re-branded, and it was delicious. Just puttin’ that out there.

On Friday night, we ended up going to Outback for steak, ’cause, uh, duh. I love steak.

“I would like my pound of meat, please,” ~Ria Culpa, circa 2018, being an idiot

Saturday saw me freezing my butt off working a double-header between the Philadelphia Hooligans and Philly Roller Derby’s A teams, and the Philadelphia Shenanigans playing Flour City Fear out of Rochester. Added benefit of seeing one of my officiating buddies playing the game, and doing a good job at it–gives me hope that if I were to actually play I wouldn’t be garbage. But we’ll see.

And then Sunday, instead of going to scrimmage (sorry, guys!) I went with my good friend Rook to Weird Al’s “The Ridiculously Self-Indulgent Ill-Advised Vanity Tour” concert. It was amazing. All the B-sides and not-popular-parodies you could shake a stick at. Which is great because I love the content he creates when he doesn’t necessarily have a specific song parody. I was surpised that I knew most of the words to all but 3 songs on the set list.

Spoiler Set List (although it’s obvious that it changes from date to date):

  • You don’t love me anymore
  • Albuquerque
  • Dare to be stupid (a la grateful dead)
  • Generic blues
  • I remember Larry
  • When I was your age
  • Don’t download this song
  • Bass solo (15 seconds)
  • Horoscope of the day
  • CNR (white stripes pastiche)
  • I’ll sue you
  • That boy could dance
  • My baby’s in love with eddie veder
  • Midnight star
  • Jackson park express
  • Drum solo (15 seconds)
  • Rapid-fire blues/folk style medley consisting of bits of Eat it, I Lost on Jeopardy, Amish Paradise, Smells like Nirvana, White and Nerdy, I Love Rocky Road, and Like a Surgeon
  • Encore: … Half a cover of Cheap Trick’s “Hello There,” and then an unplugged version of The Saga Begins