Sunday, May 5, 2019

Derby Statements of Intent

This will be the bigger link-dump of all the “Statements of Intent” I intend to write.
A statement of intent is usually regarding a particular application for a position. For me, and for the purposes of this blog, I’m interested in allowing my words to speak for me regarding how I approach various parts of the derbosphere.
To wit, I’m going to update this list with links to blog posts that go into the following:
  • Statement of Intent: Tournament Head Referee
  • Statement of Intent: Games Tournament Oversight
  • Statement of Intent: Crew Head Referee/Head Refereeing
  • Statement of Intent: Individual Contributor Referee
  • Statement of Intent: Individual Contributor NSO
  • Statement of Intent: Announcing
  • Statement of Intent: Bench Coaching (This may not be for a while, but I intend to dip my toes this year into Bench Coaching, and give my view of that once I have a bit more experience)
Stay tuned, I’ll have a bit more to say in the coming weeks.