Sunday, October 27, 2019

Everyday, Day 6: Fascinating

I'll be honest with you. One of the toughest things about doing an every-day project isn't just the "making sure I set aside enough time to do the thing" ... thing. It's the drudgery of trying to come up with something interesting every day. Sometimes it won't be terribly interesting, sometimes it will. Sometimes what I think it super interesting isn't going to be interesting for others (or vice-versa). Today is one of those days, I think.

So I just puttered around and started doodling. I probably scrapped the digital canvas about fifteen times before just going "I gotta get something out there." And I just settled on a face.

Of course, that face is another 3/4ths profile going to the left, which is my go-to standard doodle pose--which I think I'm going to use this medium to actually force myself to get out of my comfort zone, but I digress. And I decided that, you know what? The proportions made it look like a vulcan. So I full-court pressed on that idea, you know? Gotta latch on to something.

So here's lieutenant commander... IDK from the USS... IDK that's looking at a tricorder and is either nonplussed or completely fascinated by what he came across. Who knows with vulcans, right?

Here you go.

Lieutenant Commander Whatshiznutz.

Thought he looked a little too expressive, so in the clean lines I gave him a more... discerning vulcan sneer.