Monday, October 28, 2019

Everyday, Day 7: Hyperspace

I decided to do a not-person this time around. I thought that would be interesting. So I doodled shapes, and found something I liked. Spaceships. Especially the ones in sci-fi movies and TV shows.

So I sketched and I sketched.

Cleaned it up, made some assumptions about it.

It has a major above-pod area, and a rotating reticulating energy propulsion system. I was thinking "kinda like Star Trek" but if the nacelles were just one boomerang nacelle that was able to rotate around the main hull.

So I sketched it, erased a ton of it, kept cleaning it up, and got to work.

First I added the linework.

Then I hid the rough and cleaned it up a little more.

Then I added some color and shading:

And then some atmosphere, and the final product:

What should I name it? Let me know on my Instagram! @riaculpa