Friday, November 1, 2019

Everyday, Day 11: Spaceman

I wear a CPAP because I have sleep apnea. They're more central apneas than obstructive ones, but my sleep has gotten a bit better since I started doing it regularly in like, April or May.

But the one thing that made my life a bit better regarding the whole "wearing a mask to sleep" is the fact that it's a "small full-face" mask. It doesn't cover the entire lower half of my face, but it does cover my mouth so I don't get the wind-whooshing-out-my-mouth thing that the old nose ones did to me.

Anyway, I drew myself wearing it, and I forgot to post it until the day after, because I'm an idiot, and was dealing with anniversary shenanigans, and by the time I got to remembering "oh shit I didn't post anything today" I was too far into the "putting on the CPAP, getting everything situated, perfect temperature, comfortable position" ... Thing, that I didn't want to get up. So here we are.