Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Everyday, Day 70 (18): Age-Math, Part 1.

Sometimes I'm hyper-aware of the passage of time. Sometimes I don't notice it and then it hits me all at once. 1/1/2020 seems to be that day that I'm super-aware of what this year brings from an age-meets-math perspective. Of course, like I said yesterday, the passage of time is just an illusion brought to us by a never-ending cycle of birth and death and finite moments that we can't tend to get our heads around. It's all transitory, it's all illusory. Survival, being good to one another, huddling together for intellectual and emotive warmth--that's what's important. Not the rest of this garbage. But I digress.

Note to those older than me that'll be like, "If you're old, how old are you saying I am?!" -- don't worry, I'll have a follow-up to this tomorrow. And potentially the next day. I have a lot of thoughts on this stuff.

Anyway, here's the piece: