About Ria

Some things you should know about Ria:
  • This is his face:
  • He likes doing data analysis--in fact, that's his current career. Well, these days he does more architectural stuff than just the analysis, but data's been a very big part of his working life because he loves it.
  • He's a Perrier Pretty Princess:
  • He's been doing the roller derby thing since 2006 and is very tired, pretty much constantly. Not really tired with the roller derby thing, but just in general.
    • Yes, maybe he's conceited (i.e. here's another picture of his face looking mortally wounded in the soul):

  • He's not really sold on using "he/him" pronouns, but it's just easier to roll with it. He doesn't mind if you use "she/her." He just doesn't have a preference.
    • To that point, this is what he'd look like if he was female, we guess (how does third person work in this context?)--with the faceapp app:

  • He loves to illustrate. In fact you can probably go see some comics of his on his Instagram or his Tumblr.
    • Oh hai, a wild doodle approaches!!!!

  • He does nerd pursuits like you'd guess, since he's a huge nerd. Recently gaming on the Xbox One (Elder Scrolls Online), Nintendo Switch (Diablo 3), dungeons and dragons, and watching the new Star Trek and CW shows, are his bag.

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