A list of disclaimers for my blog:

  • I only speak for myself. While I am an official affiliated with Lehigh Valley Roller Derby, I do not speak for them. I do not speak for WFTDA, or MRDA, or JRDA, or any other association you have seen me at. This blog is for me to write in, and I write it for me, by me, and with no illusions to the contrary. Nobody should take guff or negativity for something I wrote for myself.
  • IANAL: I am not a lawyer. Sometimes I fancy myself a rules-lawyer with derby officiating and Dungeons and Dragons, but I am not an actual honest-to-god lawyer. So. Remember that. Get an actual lawyer for lawyer-ey stuff.
  • IANAD: I am not a doctor. If I talk about health stuff, it's either my own personal journey that has given me this information, or answers I've gotten to specific questions from specific entities. But I am not an actual honest-to-god doctor. So. Remember that. Get an actual doctor for doctor-ey stuff.
  • I am not a professional writer: I would like to think myself erudite and well-learned but I probably just look like an uncultured slob who doesn't seem to understand the difference between... An apĂ©ritif and an antipasto. I write these because this is my personal blog. Not because I think I'm some hoity-toity writer of some sort. If I mess up or sound like I'm rambling incoherently... That's probably because I am. But you'll just have to deal with that. Nyeh.
More disclaimers to come