Maybe you're wondering why I have the "Everyday" label and have been posting this stuff.

OK so. I got inspired. Partly because I failed Inktober 2019 (for the fourth year in a row), and partly because of this video:

The gentleman that was there has posted a single CGI image. Every day. For 12 years.

Of course, I was like "I gotta get on that." Scott Kurtz (of PvPOnline, The Trenches, and Table Titans fame) has been saying "draw every day," so, like, here's me trying to do it.

So, like, some bottom line rules for me:
  • Post a doodle/art/picture/content/whatever once a day for as long as I can do it. 
  • This will not be a normal blog entry (such as my derby entries).
  • It has to happen sometime before I go to bed for that day (so I can post it at 1:00am the following day but it counts! Because reasons and rules I just made up!)
  • Doesn't matter what it is, just post it.
  • I can't pre-work any of it, I have to make the piece day-of.
 Some basic thoughts about this:
  • It won't be [insert number of days I do this] number of art pieces, it's a 1/[insert number of days I do this]th of a single art piece. 
  • It doesn't matter if it's garbage; I'm creating something.
  • Maybe my art will get better over time, or
  • Maybe my art will get more efficient over time, or
  • Maybe I'll be able to dump some feels or something over time, or
  • I don't know, I'm just gonna do it.
One of the needs for something like this is an "end-state." I don't know that there'll be an end-state for this project. I hope to keep it going as much as I can, for as long as I can. Seinfeldian-style, "don't break the chain."

But realistically, I want to see the "Day X" become three digits long. As I post this, tomorrow will be two digits. I just want to do this for as long as I can.

Hopefully you'll cheer me on and join me in this weird project of mine.


Since I'm trying to keep myself accountable, I'm going to post when I have broken streaks. This is reflected in the "streak number" (in parenthesis) day by day, but I'm going to call it out here.
  • Saturday, 7 December 2019: Went to a holiday party and got home so late I forgot to draw. 
  • Saturday, 13 December, 2019: ... Played video games. ... I don't even have a good reason for this one.
  • Saturday, 1 February, 2020: Was too busy partying for my birthday to get a thing done. Welp.
  • 9 Feb - 18 Feb, 2020: I needed a break and let myself fester for a bit before I got back into it. I kinda felt burnt out. So I'm ready to keep going with this silly project.